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Customers are able to return any items purchased on this website within 20 days (480 hours) of receiving the product to receive a full refund, without any complications or hassle. If a customer buys multiple quantity of a single product, they are eligible to return only ONE of that product for refund within the trial period.

In order to process the refund, please keep all components of the packaging perfectly intact and email in to [email protected] for our customer service agent to contact you for more information.

Please also note that if the product is returned damaged or with incomplete packaging, (i.e. with components missing from the original packaging) Cosmo reserves the right to refuse a return and a full refund.

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Australia’s Most Advanced Purifier

ModelCosmo Prime® Air PurifierDyson Pure Cool Tower Fan TP04The Smart Air Plus PurifierZero+ Pro 5White PowerCube Series 6000 Air Purifier
PricePromo: $499$799$579$620$1399
3-in-1 HEPA Filter
Smartphone Control
Anion Mode
Real Time Air Quality Reading
Automatic Fan Speed
Night Light
Noise Level 20dB - 50dB40dB-56dB40dB - 60dB30dB - 50dB36 - 65 dB
Number of 5 star reviews371500
Warranty1 years2 years2 years2 years 2 years
Returns20 Days

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