At Cosmo, we believe that everyone should have access to clean air.

Years ago, we noticed that not enough was being done to combat air pollution.

With a growing population of over 24 million people living in cities and rapidly mounting evidence on the perils of breathing polluted air,  the founders felt the pressing need to do something.


Over 20 Establishments across South East Asia, Europe, and Australia.

Since its foundation in 2010, COSMO has expanded its network to over 20 establishments across regions of South East Asia, Europe, and Australia. What started off as business model dedicated to provide cleaner and fresher air, has now grown into a highly diversified enterprise that specialises in providing you with the best air purifier option that technology has to offer. 

the cosmo team

The best air purifiers require the art of passionate and experienced engineers.

Since its creation, Cosmo has perfected the art of designing and creating world-class air purifiers at the most accessible prices by leveraging on its global network.

Designed in Germany by a team of experts, the Cosmo Air Purifier stands as one of the best purifiers that is currently available in Australia. With a sleek German designed exterior and an advanced technology core, the Cosmo Air Purifier rises on par with its overpriced counter-parts and provides you with an air purifier option that is both affordable and exceptional.

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“The air looks really fresh and therefore it’s clean?” – Think again.

To explain in facts and figures, here is the World Health Organization‘s take on air pollution:

• 9 out of 10 people breathe polluted air

• 7 million people die of air pollution per year

• 1/3 of deaths from stroke, lung cancer and heart disease are due to air pollution

• Everyone suffers a certain degree of air pollution, but the most susceptible are children under 14, the elderly, pregnant women, and athletes who exercise outdoors

In fact, it was discovered that students perform lower than expected in areas with more pollution. Hence, pollution affects our lives in ways we are not able to fully comprehend.

Eradicate the adverse effects of air pollution by minimizing your exposure today!

With a powerful durable fan, advanced sound insulation, and a multi-functional filter that also consists of several layers for enhanced filtration, we can comfortably minimize the risk of air pollution in the place closest to our hearts – home.

Although we are not able to completely hideaway from air pollution by locking ourselves indoors, we can take the simple step of purifying our homes. After all, we do spend about 10-14 hours of our day at home, with our loved ones. So why not purify the space that means so much to both you and your family? 

Just consider; How many breaths of air do you take in the 10 hours you’re home?

And what if you multiply that by 10 years, 20 years, 40 years?

Together, we can make our world a cleaner place.


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